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Video: Science Student – Olamide


Video: Science Student – Olamide

The much awaited videos to Olamide’s ‘Science Student’ is finally out. Video directed by unlimitedLa, costume and choreography by Kaffy.

Story line:

Olamide and his crew while running out of fuel decides to look for a nearby filling station to refuel their vehicle but ended up wandering to an unknown destination. He sees a light while they were parked at an abandoned filling station. They all went towards to the light but some strange hawkers comes out to usher them in, the rest of his crew backed off due to fear of the unknown, he followed the hawker into the abyss swarming with drug addicted people.

He was offered a chemical solution as the others but decided not to become like one of them.

The shaku shaku choreography starts off afterwards.

Watch the video below


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